It Goes On

Back in my Nashville writers rounds days, I really only had one song that anyone would ask me about after I played it. With my other tunes at that time, I was trying to write something that seemed "country" or hit certain topics that I was hearing on the radio or thought might get the song there. Lame, I know, but man is it tempting to do so.

With "It Goes On," I wasn't thinking about any of that - I I just wrote a song I hoped my two grandfathers and my dad would be proud to hear and captured what I loved about them. While my mom's dad had passed away years before, I was able to play it for my dad's father, and I read some of it at his eulogy a few years later. 

It's a song that means a lot to me and one I think about differently now that I'm a father too. Here's "It Goes On:" 


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