New song and EP: My Backyard

My Backyard: lyric video: 

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About the EP:

When I decided to release an EP on my 40th birthday, I knew I wanted to fill it with songs close to my heart. My Backyard has just those songs. 

The title track draws on my childhood memories, while "For All Time (Savannah's Song)" and "Olivia Frances" were each written for my daughters for their respective first birthdays. 

"Words in the Air" made an appearance on an earlier EP, but I included a stripped-down version of the song I wrote for my wife and my first anniversary.

"Alice's Kids" celebrates my favorite charity, and my hope is that it might lead one or two (or more!) folks to check them out and support what they do.

"It Goes On" is a song I wrote for my grandfathers and is the song I go back to playing the most - it always helps me remember them.

As I approach 40, I feel so lucky to think back on the people who mean so much to me, and I feel grateful to be able to capture my love for them (as best I can at least) in songs. 


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